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Alicia Gavin is a freelance journalist writing articles regarding a plethora of subjects ranging from current events to Christianity. She has contributed to several publications including South London Lines and Medium


Arizona Salutes the Maverick

“Serving a cause greater than yourself hurts,” Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, stated, holding back tears, on the floor of the United States Senate as he remembered his best friend and colleague, U.S. Senator John Sidney McCain.


Slate’s Sully Bush Service Dog Fumble

Service dogs are more than pets, and they certainly deserve our respect. Slate, an online media platform recently published and tweeted out an article entitled “Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush.” This article, by Ruth Graham, is a response to the overwhelming flood of articles about Sully H.W. Bush, service dog to the late president George H.W. Bush who passed away this week.


Pseudo Sailors: Delving into the lives of our Nation's Future Heroes

Challenges, especially the ones we cannot plan, affect everyone. It is our character that drives us to make good decisions, especially when we face adversity. The values instilled into cadets from the first day they train with their unit until the day they graduate strengthen their character above that of their peers. 


Dear Black Boy, 

The young boy, bursting with energy, runs over to sit below an emerald tower of branches adorned with shiny objects and hundreds of small warm bulbs. The light emanates across the room as the sweet smell of sap lingers and the friendly sound of joyful conversation, reminiscent of restaurant chatter, seeps in.


For our tomorrow, they gave their today: Southwark remembers

Local residents, politicians, and veterans joined together on Friday for an emotional tribute to remember fallen servicemen and women. The Armistice Day event took place at the West Lane War Memorial in Bermondsey and was lead by the Bishop of Southwark, The Right Reverend Christopher Chessun.


What I learned from BARF. (Don’t Worry, You Won’t)

“What kind of animal parts do you have?” I tentatively inquired. The lanky Irish butcher, apron stained with dark red blood, cracked a smile. “Do you live around here?” he asked.I explained that I’ve been in Covent Garden for the last few years. Beside and below me came a persistent whining noise, and the kind man looked over his counter to see a sleek, black dog staring at him. “Ahh,” he said, “it’s for her.”